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K HeadSpa

WATERFALL with Balm Filter

WATERFALL with Balm Filter

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Experience the soothing pressure of the famous WATERFALL as water penetrates the scalp, increasing blood flow, clearing hair follicles, and releasing tension.

- Free Angle Adjustment
With a smooth 180-degree angle adjustment, it can be freely adjusted according to the way the user uses the device and adjusted according to the size and shape of a person's scalp.

- Clean Cleansing
K-HEADSPA UNIVERSAL is a beauty device, that provides cleansing and clinic, that removes not only the accumulated waste on the scalp but also alkalis, created during the chemical treatments, from the hair and scalp. It reduces hair damage and increases hairstyle retention, as well as helps relieve headaches, stress, and fatigue.

- Unlimited SPA
Light water pressure through the polyurethane filter provides massage effects and SPA treatments, using fewer substances such as shampoo, treatments, and aromas.

- Circulates water indefinitely
It saves the annual cost of water, boiler gas, and electricity thanks to the design that allows the device to circulate water instead of direct water supply, which causes a waste of money.

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